Breweries worth seeking out!

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I’ve been drinking Real Ale and ‘craft’ beer now for oh, about 25 years. Until my mid twenties I drank lager and then cider before being introduced to the joys of tasty real ales by a friend, and really not looking back since. Good beer is part of my life 🙂

People often ask, “what is my favourite beer”?

I always struggle to answer this question, as I do like different styles of beer, and what I’m enjoying at any one particular time can depend on the weather or my mood. IE, On a Summers evening a refreshing ‘golden ale’ or ‘Indian Pale Ale’ might hit the spot.

In the winter, a dark smoky ale by the fire could equally hit the spot.

But, I do consistently favour Wheat/White  (Weissbier) Beers. Sometimes known as Wheat beers, sometimes as White beers, generally more common in Germany, although produced and seen in Belgium and these days more common in the UK, not to be confused with golden ales, which are now heavily produced and promoted. Weihenstephan Weisse is my favourite. Much tastier than the commonly available Erdinger or Leffe.  Another good one is the Augustiner Weisse, not widely available in the UK, but worth seeking out.

I also very much enjoy hoppy IPA’s, the hoppier the better!

I drink bottles at home, and these are some of my favourite and most consumed beers either from bottles or sought at the pub.

Weihenstephan ‘Weisse’
St Austell ‘Tribute’
Cairngorm ‘Tradewinds’
Bath Ales ‘Gem Bitter’
Skinners ‘Betty Stoggs’
West Berkshire ‘Good Old Boy’
Dark Star ‘Hophead’

And some of my favourite breweries logos are below….


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