What the wife does whilst I’m having fun!

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My wife enjoys photography, and the normal routine of a Saturday is that I will drop her somewhere, be it a National Trust site, or an English Heritage castle, maybe a Cathedral, and I’ll carry on to a local football match, and scoop her up later.

During 2010  Ros became aware of, whilst researching somewhere to go on a Saturday whilst I was at the footy, of a display of painted fibre glass lion sculptures in Bath, so she took a look to see what it was all about. So enamoured by what she found, she travelled back to view all the Lions together, set out on parade side by side, so enabling Ros to photograph all the lions, and ‘tick’ the ones she hadn’t got time to see on the 1st visit.  > http://www.lionsofbath.com/ 

Subsequently she decided to bid on a lion when they went to auction, she won, and Vermilion is now part of the family!
Last July we had 5 nights in Guernsey to celebrate our 1st wedding anniversary, and unbeknown to us before we travelled out there, but soon spotted whilst out on our bicycles, we found the island had a similar display, but of donkeys, a famous symbol of the island.
Unfortunately she didn’t have time to ‘tick’ all the donkeys, but a goodly number were viewed and photographed. However I did manage to visit and drink in all of the 10 CAMRA Good Beer Guide pubs on the island!
Since then she has encountered Gorillas in Bristol, and Rhinos in Chester!
So although this is not one of ‘my’ ongoing collections, some of the artwork is fabulous and I can sympathise with the wish to see and photograph the lot!
2012 features Dragons in Newport, Swans in Wells and Safari Animals in Northamtpon, all 3 displays are being targeted!
‘Here be lost species- Lest we forget’

‘Super Dragons 2’, showcased in Newport/S Wales, Summer 2012. This one above sits proudly at the ‘Wetlands’ Centre, and of the six I have photgraphed so far, this my favourite. We return on Sept 8th for Ros to photograph the rest, she has 27 so far I believe, of 60.


Donkeys of Guernsey – 2011 – ‘Percy’
My Wife’s lion ‘Vermilion’ – ‘Lions of Bath’ 2010 Sculpture trail.

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