Showered with Speedway Prose!

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Title- Concrete for Breakfast
Published 2008.

Author- Jeff Scott
Pages- 303
Price- 20 pounds.

I rate this book – 4/5

Rating 5- Classic, one of my fav books of all time, to be read more than once.
Rating 4- Great read, entertaining and compelling throughout.
Rating 3- Good read, not quite a ‘can’t put down’ but good none the less.
Rating 2- A little dull, hard to get through, couldn’t recommend.
Rating 1- Awful, couldn’t finish it, lost interest.

3rd in the Jeff Scott’s speedway travelogue trilogy’s following on from ‘Showered in Shale’ and ‘Shifting Shale’.
Concrete for Breakfast concentrates on the 2007 domestic speedway season in the UK. Far and away the best of the 3 he has written so far, with much more concise and snappy chapters.

From Weymouth to Workington and Edinburgh to the Isle of Wight in each chapter Jeff charts a different visit to a speedway meeting at the various tracks around the UK. Jeff generally arrives early at the track, meets the promoter, sometimes team manager, sometimes the riders, he exchanges gossip, pleasantries, then sets up his pitch, his little table with his books which in most cases seemto be largely ignored.

His listens to all the politics and inter club rivalries from the club officials, the opinionated fans, and regurgitates the dialogue in amusing fashion, whilst going onto describe the meeting in detail that he views from his pitch.

As a speedway fan myself who also ‘ticked’ the tracks he has visited, the book really encourages me to wander around them again. It highlights the great things about the sport, the real feeling that the fans have for the riders, the danger of the sport, the sheer thrill of 4 bikes racing side by side at full throttle without brakes!
It also highlights the run down stadiums, the terrible food available, the tacky gear sold in the track shops and in some cases ignorant fans and the overbearing hype that the Sky TV coverage gives, much as any sort of coverage is welcomed!

Having completed this book, It has inspired me to look forward to getting out and seeing some shale action in 2012.

I’d recommend this book to anyone who enjoys the sport, travelling, or if you are just trying to understand a sport that still very much part of the working class culture, much as the mass media seem to want to brush it under the carpet and pretend it
doesn’t exist.


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